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Don’t Make Your Nursing Staff Run Around In Circles

Trust the working dogs at LabRetriever for reliable, professional home-to-lab blood draw and delivery services so that you and your staff can finally stop chasing your tails.

See How Easy It Is To Throw Us A Bone.

Just Sit and Stay – We Save You Time and Money

With LabRetriever, there’s no cost to the home health agency or out-of-pocket cost to the patient. Patients must use Medicare Part B as their primary insurance and be considered homebound by the ordering physician. This saves your nurses the hassle and time associated with specimen collection, all while saving you and your nurses money.

Ordering Made Easy

Telling us to “go fetch” is as easy as a call, click or fax. At LabRetriever, we provide clients with an exclusive, easy-to-use ordering system called FetchMyLab, making specimen collection and delivery a breeze.

Fast, Efficient Fetching

Once you place an order, LabRetriever contacts the patient or caregiver to schedule an appointment, sends a professional, courteous technician to their place of care, collects the blood sample and promptly delivers it to the lab.

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